Animal Alphabet Traveling Twisters

Children's book by visual artist, Leisa Rich. Animal alphabet made of 26 hand made dioramas and matching type in tongue twister format. Machine embroidered, hand painted characters travel and live in a variety of places and have interesting experiences no matter where they are. Rich holds MFA, BFA and B of Education degrees, is in many prestigious art collections, books, mags, tv, podcasts, has been featured in 13 books, and won many awards.

It's Here! My book is printed!

It has finally arrived! I have actual copies in my hand. Today will be spent turning on eCommerce, ordering the sturdy shipping boxes they will be shipped out in, and finalizing the last details. Ready to send out this week! I will also have copies for sale in September at the Decatur Book Festival. Stay tuned for dates and times...I will be giving a short talk and doing signings there!

Roller Coaster Ride: Am I Finally Pulling Into the Station?

I haven't written a blog post in quite awhile because I was pretty down.  I was very frustrated by all that happened in the interim since the last blog posting I did. My challenges trying to find a printer, going through 50 printers and a year of time spent looking, came to a head when the one I finally found crashed and burned to the ground.... and it was really disheartening. However, some good news between yesterday and today has prompted me to write down the roller coaster ride I have been on these last couple of months for whoever might be interested in reading it, and then put it behind me to face the future with hope and unflagging determination! (Oh, wait.....I think I have HAD unflagging determination these last months....years....) MORE unflagging determination!

When I last wrote, I had finally found a printer to print my book in good quality, for a really decent price, and right in the Atlanta area. Things couldn't have been rosier! I met with the rep, sat down and outlined everything, meeting went really well, price quoted was fantastic, sent them my files, and then waited. And waited. And waited. I knew there would be a delay of a couple of weeks while they worked on a bunch of big jobs, and I was willing to wait that short time for such a great price and for it to be done locally and in the U.S. but when that time period came and went....and I was strung along longer

and then longer

and then even longer

and then emails were not answered

and then more phone call queries and emails were not answered

and weeks and weeks went by....

I decided to send one final email to the rep and let him know that I would have to go elsewhere if there was a problem with my job and that I hoped he understood...

He assured me if I could just wait a teeny bit I did...

Weeks went by....

So, I had to let him know I had to move on. I was researching other printers and getting more and more downhearted as leads so graciously given to me by several friends led to 


There were the expensive leads (especially interesting was the lead that quoted $19.00 PER COPY to PRINT the book, when I need to RETAIL it for below that!) the unresponsive leads=no email response/no response to on-line forms/no return phone calls, the friends who said they had leads and then didn't send them on to me....not one of the leads worked out. But, in my continuing research, I finally found two companies that could do it for a fair price, albeit the quality was going to suffer and in one case, it would take months as it would be coming back on a slow boat from China- literally. I really wanted to have this be a 100% U.S. project and support local....but after 6 years you get a little WTF!

And, I went on. This is what I do.....wail a little bit (someone on FB chastised me for feeling sorry for myself, but I am a firm believer in having a good cry, feeling bad for a little while, then putting my big girl panties on and moving forward).

It was around this time that the friends who had recommended this printer found out that my book still hadn't been printed by that company and asked me why, and I told them the saga. He called the owner of the company right away. The owner of the printing company was then on the phone to me immediately, apologizing profusely; she had had NO idea of what had been going on all of this time, didn't even know about my job and the run around. That was Monday. And today, my book went to print. I worked with their staff AT their location yesterday and they were fantastic and I am thrilled.

So, my fingers, toes, eyes, anything I can cross, are crossed....and cautiously excited that this is finally IT. See, if you aren't aggressive sometimes -- I should have called the owner and complained, but I was being "nice" -- nothing gets done. Sad, that that is.....but I look to the future and I see it is sunny.