Animal Alphabet Traveling Twisters

Children's book by visual artist, Leisa Rich. Animal alphabet made of 26 hand made dioramas and matching type in tongue twister format. Machine embroidered, hand painted characters travel and live in a variety of places and have interesting experiences no matter where they are. Rich holds MFA, BFA and B of Education degrees, is in many prestigious art collections, books, mags, tv, podcasts, has been featured in 13 books, and won many awards.

Decatur Book Festival Emerging Author Talk and Book Signing

I didn't know if I would make it to the Decatur Book Festival and my scheduled Emerging Author Talk and Book Signing. Just 5 days ago I had horrific car accident- a woman illegally turned left through traffic into my lane and appeared in front of me so fast there was no time to brake. I hit her passenger side head on so hard her mini van flew into the air, turned upside down and landed on its roof. Because of the wonder of seat belts and air bags, both of us survived. 

But, I strapped on my knee braces, took my pain meds, put on LOTS of makeup to cover the bruising and hobbled from the parking deck to my stint. I wasn't going to let anything deter me from my dream of getting my book out there! My author talk went very well. If you would like to see it, it is under 5 minutes and I am posting it here. I am quite proud that I didn't ramble on and on (unlike the guy on before me)!